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Sheri Bagwell  is an energy worker and meditation coach.  Sheri was born with the ability to feel energy and see the root causes of people’s patterns.  She has the unique gift of being able to help you transmute your pain into love, help you feel more comfortable, even joyous in your body and flow with life more easily.
Sheri has enhanced her natural ability by training with The Emotion Code developed by Dr Bradley Nelson DC and medical doctor, Dr Jacob Teitelbaum who is a leader in treating stress related diseases.
Sheri has also taken countless spiritual based classes to back up her natural talents.  She is certified master in two types of reiki.
Sheri has a beautiful connection and communication with source energy and helps her clients develop more trust in their own connection.  Her mission is to truly empower people to know who they are and be their own healer.


Please email me at for consultations and appointments or call me at (770)235-7599.  

We can work in person at

Elements float spa located close to Hwy 280 in Birmingham, AL.


Back to life naturally in Hoover, AL

I make monthly trips to Atlanta, GA where I come to your home or we can have sessions over the phone or Skype.

I offer private sessions, packages and I am available for group meditations.





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